I follow U into ...

Lasnyte, once in a blue moon i watch'd tv in the room, i just dont really fancy on tv programmes this lately, but it just that suddenly i just cant sleep and 'give-a-go' to the midnite movie @tv3 entitled "the invisible" . I remember i saw the actor in some other movies till i found out in the imdb that this fella was Goku in Dragon Ball, now i remember, lolz.

I didnt managed to watched from the start but it just made my ass glued to watch the ending of this movie. Overall its a a gloomy and quiet movie but i just love the way the characters been narrated, pretty much romantic in a very unique way. This movie could actually be better if its on Darren Aronofsky's hand, Sam Mendes or Sofia Coppola.. but it still a good movie, plus all my fav songs as the soundtrack!!!!..lolz.. its not a-watch-again-n-again-movie but Annie's character will stick in my head for quite some time.

"Hey Annie........."