February ~

O yeahhh~ before i start to da nex perrojek.. i'm so proud that i can settle this projek secara expresso bombardo psycho ..siap amik mc sbab nk kejar dateline..wateverr lah.. *sigh.. client loves it n i absolutely love this client too>

Its actually hard to find the client (
mostly australian) that gives total freedom to the designer to do anything on their website - with less specification n hassle, PLUS less time wastage.. this is why i lov u BOD's of gripalite!!

However, in another way i also feel challenged when someone just give me basic requirement on what they want.. it could be some kind of blurry for their expectation on the outcomes, "diorang ni nak menguji kebolehanku kah?" hatiku berlagu memikirkannyer... but working with this kind of peeps - who keep commenting n criticize in a verrry posiitive way.. it made me happy to just do anything for them.

Continue my job now...

p/s: terasa nk korokay lagu Maher Zain.