Bad News?

What a news... One by one and all these hit me hard... Emotionless..Face the fact, move on and never give up fahrin... And as usual the first person i told was tomot lol.. If u read this mot, u'll remember the moment we ate kfc with jaja., i'm typing in front of u while u r smoking n playing that whatever game on ur ipad lol.

Be positive.. xx

February ~

O yeahhh~ before i start to da nex perrojek.. i'm so proud that i can settle this projek secara expresso bombardo psycho ..siap amik mc sbab nk kejar dateline..wateverr lah.. *sigh.. client loves it n i absolutely love this client too>

Its actually hard to find the client (
mostly australian) that gives total freedom to the designer to do anything on their website - with less specification n hassle, PLUS less time wastage.. this is why i lov u BOD's of gripalite!!

However, in another way i also feel challenged when someone just give me basic requirement on what they want.. it could be some kind of blurry for their expectation on the outcomes, "diorang ni nak menguji kebolehanku kah?" hatiku berlagu memikirkannyer... but working with this kind of peeps - who keep commenting n criticize in a verrry posiitive way.. it made me happy to just do anything for them.

Continue my job now...

p/s: terasa nk korokay lagu Maher Zain.

I follow U into ...

Lasnyte, once in a blue moon i watch'd tv in the room, i just dont really fancy on tv programmes this lately, but it just that suddenly i just cant sleep and 'give-a-go' to the midnite movie @tv3 entitled "the invisible" . I remember i saw the actor in some other movies till i found out in the imdb that this fella was Goku in Dragon Ball, now i remember, lolz.

I didnt managed to watched from the start but it just made my ass glued to watch the ending of this movie. Overall its a a gloomy and quiet movie but i just love the way the characters been narrated, pretty much romantic in a very unique way. This movie could actually be better if its on Darren Aronofsky's hand, Sam Mendes or Sofia Coppola.. but it still a good movie, plus all my fav songs as the soundtrack!!!!..lolz.. its not a-watch-again-n-again-movie but Annie's character will stick in my head for quite some time.

"Hey Annie........."

Advanced Gift yeay~

Weheee~~ excited... I might not be getting this excited if imma buy it using my own money, but when it comes to a birtday gift..i couldnt be more merrier to have it... coz sometimes i just feel my money doesnt worth this thing.. im not into all these techies n stuff around coz i'm way too traditional..but who knows once i got this i might starting to modernise (or milleniumise?) myself more than ever.. haih.. kamon ifan.. dunia da modern.. hmm whatever it is.. i'll take care of this stuff very well n need to play more wit it (zell can be my free tutor lolz)..

i'm waiting for more gifts to come plsssh... lolz u keep wisihing ifan! hmmm now officially iTunes kicks off winmedia player in my Windows lame is that...

back to werk... ~! today's a lovely day.. wahh design idea mencurah2 sejak ade ipod...