A Life to Move On...

Yesterday, a funny thing happened to me... when i drove back from office, i realized i've left my favorite jacket and it's not in my car. The first place that came into my mind was i've left it in my Ampang house. So confidentnye i drove my car exiting to MRR2 from Wangsa Maju lrt station heading to Ampang, listening to JMraz's songs n sang along. Then half the way, i just realized i did not stay at Ampang anymore since 31st July 2010. Contract da finish u dumb-ass-faggy ifan. Hadoi , totally forgot and i guess it's hard to let it go at this very moment.

Evrytime i left something behind, it somehow attached to me so much until i'm always thought i still owned them n just leave it for certain moment. But now, thats life, watever it is, i must have to move on... for something better *i hope so* n leave the memories remain forever.

Its hard to be so melodramatic person coz u can fall easily to all the good memories that have past until u became weak to accept the fact that it was gone. Step up to another stage, become older or maturer but stay younger, how could i do that perfectly without facing a big failure to my ownself? huhuhu, i always hope i'll be remained like this coz i hate to see myself change because of my surroundings. I dont wanna be that n i hope i still know what makes me happy.

2 years in Ampang gave me a lot of good experience, thx to all the people involved... I had taught myself to be independent more than i could be, which i stand by my own with less helps from my family. I lived with someone that i love, had a great moment talked about evrything together before going to sleep...

That cute little room is much UNcomfortable (:D) to be compared a room that i could have in my dad's house, but it somehow had provided me freedom that i couldnt get anywhere else at that particular moment. I cried, insist to be alone, insist to hug , insist to make love, i laughed, a small room that stacked with all my emotions once i hid inside. arghh.. my lil room hope u'll get a cute kid accompany u for the next person who'll rent or live in u sooner. Remember me always cuz i always remember u my cute lil room... martilah am i mad talking to a room that's not even here?

Ok shatap ifan n back to work. Baby, i always hope we'll have a lot more to go... for whatever things that you that u want to make me happy, i hope i'll be strong person to understand it ... wishing us the best in a new shifting of life n wishing all of hommies the best... cherish the good memoriess.

best quote: "Bile mama dpt my part nnt, pick ur lady, mama belanja u kawin, xde alasan about money lg ok"..... ohh shitt jgnla jual tanahh tu..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!