A day after 10th June

At LRT Cempaka, drive till reach Hafiz restaurant, gosh bee memories about us all around this place... it makes me always missing u so much when i'm alone "lalu" this area, 10th June for the third time together, GLAD i could see u at 23,

Praying the time to stop for while, time goes by so fast, we've been through a lot, but that keep us strong, i guess, SWEET memories inside my mind easily let me cry..

Hugging u know, U r part of my precious life, *love* this word i'll never bore to say n text u..

Wishing u the best in whatever u do... I admire ur maturity, for sometimes u could be even so childish.. :)

Keep it strong dear , u'r my family n love

=') demok

p/s: thanks for this song, it reminds me a lot of u wherever i go