stay shall ye bear, go away shall ye not care,
blame the eternal flame, be ashamed if u feel the same,
let go what ye hate the most,
don't go if ye feel it's a terrible lost,

whatever i do,
wherever i go,
whoever i saw,
i'll try to obey the law
it's just a word?
where action is totally opposed
with what I always propose
to my ownself

i called it slanders
when people pointing fingers
but i know i'll be that way, either,
if there are a lot falsifiers,
which could led to anger..

i guess myself are unvaluable enough
if i don't be tough
or making people around to laugh..
n i hope life isnt always about dough...
there are times i need to play rough

hmm annoying rhymes
i guess for now i should just stop write
for this little time,
i just feel to let out what i felt inside..
when there is sun shines so bright...outside

if ever rain will fall tomorrow,
hopefully it doesnt brings sorrow,
coz the coldness i'll get,
is my wish when the sun hasn't stop overheating, just yet..

and there it is.. Rainbow