Wrote Somthing ...

I've learnt alot n i won't stop learning
there is success n there are misleadings
all i can do is keep on living
as i know that is part of my learnings

I may not experienced it like u did,
i aint got the real feeling
sneak to ur past diary, i'm sorry,
it somehow touched me a bit,

i've learnt a lot when I am living
with someone whose life was stuck with grieving
all of his life finding, n searching
for something that's worth loving

the suffers he hide, the smiles he lied,
I understand it much when he's by my side,
a 10-year-old who was alone
now i hope he knows he got a supporting bone ...

life is cruel, life is unfair,
for someone who'd grown with alot of despairs
but i realy hope u wont stuck in this everyday
for yet to come is alot of opening ways
for a better play

You are the same as others,
u can be even better,
coz this once a poor now could stand taller
to compare with someone whose education
that even higher ..

My words may become true,
It could also become untrue,
Coz we can never predict our future,
Just dont quickly assume urself as a failure ..

U'r appreciated, u'r loved,
I'm so happy to be educated,
by you,
to be motivated,
to understand the view of life is different,
by different person ...

we'r not gonna be together,forever,
I realize it crystal clear,
it could be sooner or later,
what i hope dear, n brother,
we won't become stranger to each other ..

Life's not easy, I guess,
there are lot of test,
to God we pray for the best,
let Q&Q decides what would be the rest ...


another site went live last week.. the client cried happily for this.. nothing could pleased me more than that.. but maybe she's just being too emotional.. bcoz i've fulfilled all the things that she enquired?.. though.. but nvm it still a bonus point for me.. huhu..

to all my friends.. lets just forgive n forget evrything.. mebe this is all part of our learning to life after all .. isnt that beauty huh... spread the lov yo .... xoxo