Wasted Weekend

Suddenly got inspired by what happened to me last weekend.. justt so wasting a weekend! LOLz.. but some exxagerations here n there to make the writing looks good though..hehe

On friday nite summer
we've just had fun with friends earlier
my baby gave a good nite kiss
and now the story begins

i woke up at 10 in the mornin
saw baby still sleepin
with the blanket all over body..
i gave a morning kiss
smiled to this cute n bubbly

all seemed in a static case
lunch time is almost finished
my baby still put the blanket on
and never gave any response

i pushed i nudged his body off
saying "baby, lets have this lunch for dinner"
baby shocked for awhile n said
"why dont u wake me up earlier!"
n then continued the journey
... to another world

oh baby now its time for supper,
ur meal was in untouchable manner,
i thought recycle bin is the asnwer,
watchin u snored like a hungry tiger ...

At 3 in the mornin i gave up
lying besides my baby occasionally
hug n kissed goodnite as usually
wasted my Saturday with no activity

I opened my eyes saw my baby
sitting in front of the pc
blinked n smiled to me..
"u better hurry, its almost 9 dearie"
grabbed my phone and took a glance
owh fuck it's Monday again!