Countdown ...

Raya is coming and I still cant feel anything??!! Why~~~

Haha.. "looking forward to get angpows"... aiyo.. what the heck.... it's so yesterday to hv that phrase... now i suppose to say... "Raya is comingg..looking forward to giv angpow!! "

Yeah.. the time to get angpows are left behind .. this is the time for giving mine.. yeah.. I'm taking so much before, hence let me get the feelings of being a giver... teehee

Budget for this year is quite 'ciput'.. I cant expect much anyways.. I could hardly compare myself with all those civil servant fellas but heck.. Just spend what I have and to those who'll get mine.. b thankfull kiddos!! keke...

Mebe the things that could excite me the most in this coming no other than..FOOD... gonna eat alot.. but at tha same time need to werk out on my body since sibuan action is coming closer this october~ agagaga... n FAMILIES.. yeap been a while not catching up with all the cuzzies of my batch (not the kiddos n juniors), n neiighbourhood frensz.. duh guyz.. we've grown faster n faster.. most of them now will celebrate with their spouse i guess.. wahh.. funny ler!

Come to the Job part.. just done with deployment of a website... love the pics that client provides.. very soothing yet approaching... i'm lovin it.

*countdown to rayaa