Hobby ..

I had my hobby back in schooll.. which i lov to write lyrics / poems, i'm expressing the whole feelings i have in words, n sumtimes I made my own songs out of them.. even the words are crappy, n the songs weren't to good to be sold.. i appreciate them as my own piece of art.. but i never gonna shared it to my colleagues .. or even my best frens n my families..! teehee.. how shame... sadly the book that i used to wrote was long gone, I search for it everywehere but the results are none.. but i wont give up, i'll find it one day, *negative thinnking suddenly appears* or maybe the book has been thrown by my mom who never realised that one of her son loves to write, mebe she thought somebody else's book which is not valuable at all.. the worst thing i could imagine is meybe the book had been recycled into a paper bag or A4 paper or mebe a paper box? haih.. dear, i wish i'm clever enough to type them in the blog or worst come to worst, notepad at those times.

but then.. the more older I am rite now, the more lazier I meant to be, mebe it's just the feelin that came from my heart couldnt longer be expressed by writing in words. Whenever I sad, or happy, I'll expressed it with my behaviour which turns me become a very moody person ever lived in this world. Maybe bcoz I'm just so tired to be hypocrite (as my own terminology), if u see me mad or sad, people could interpret it straight from my face, I became no longer a person who's hiding my feelings in front of the people.. as far as i'm concerned, there are pros n contras when I transform myself into the person I am rite now, but i never gonna regret it. Sometimes it's good and easy to be a straight forward person. But i do hide my feelings at certain cases where i know it's good to keep all the bads left behind and all the goods will automatically come by.

Since i got nothing much works in this few hours, i just want to write again, juz to snatch some memories of the hobby that i used to lov, back in my teenage era.

Life is short
but it wont be as short as u think
when u keep finding the path
that seems too far, n too long
for u to reach

Life is great
but how great can it be
when u always whine
about who u wanna be
till nothing ahead
is expecting to see

ur life is a treasure
which u need to discover
until u realize
the discovery was long found
by the others
who claimed they know u best
till u unsure; " who u really were"

Life is a reality
to face it is not easy
with a lot of bitter enemies
u love it more
when u'r in fantasy
but fantasy wouldn't promise anything
coz u live in lies n hypocrisy

Life is fantastic
when u alwiz be realistic
to appreciate the life aesthetics
n avoid the frantic with full of angers or manic
The problems are all mathematics
which cn be solved as easy as one tick
or as complicated as algebra's geometric ...

adoi, my toe still in bad condition , a glass fallen and broken right on my toe, the blood burst like a fountain (extra exaggeration statement here) n it just so good that i'm not wearing spectacle by the time it happens, it saves my brain not to get bad influence by my eyes but now i can feel the pain.. haih should be ok in 2-3 days ..